Although swimming pools are built to last but still occasional mishaps can cause damage to several parts. So choosing the right repairing services is very important to enjoy its benefits again. However, our team understands how inconvenient it is when you go through any issue with your swimming pool; it simply means that you can’t enjoy your daily swim. That’s why we are here to offer you reliable and swift swimming pool repairing services, allowing you to get in water again as soon as possible. 

Whatever problem your pool has, our repairing specialists will quickly detect and fix the issue. In addition, to make repairing services affordable, we offer our services at a low cost as compared to other famed brands.

swimming pool repairing

Signs that show that your pool needs repairing services

  • Malfunctioning heater

There is nothing worse than cold pool water in the morning. Gold water is simply a sign that the heater has not been working anymore and it needs to be repaired. It could happen because of many reasons as a faulty power source, broken pump, damaged filter or some or others; however, whatever the reason is behind its improper working, our employees will help you fix it.

  • Broken lights

Broken lights of the lead you in trouble when it is not sunny; even more, they make your pool less attractive. You will always need an expert technician to fix these broken lights because electricity mixed with water is hazardous. Our experts have been doing this task for years; that’s why they can fix broken lights in no time to make it attractive again.

  •  Green water:

Seeing you pool water green is really an awful situation. It usually happens due to chemical imbalance. You may fix this problem by yourself, but choosing the right service for this can make it much more manageable. Nonetheless, our experts are experienced enough and can help you to manage the chemical imbalance.

  • Cracks:

Cracks are the very usual problem of a swimming pool that most of its owners face. There are generally two types of cracks; surface cracks and structural cracks.

Surface cracks are unlikely to cause any issue, but they look very unpleasant. While, structural cracks are probably leaking, which can be very problematic. So, hiring an experienced repairing team is essential to fix these cracks. Call us, and get our services to make this fault fixed. 

  •  Blocked pipes:

This is another very common problem that you would not want to fix yourself. Blocked pipes will cause dirty water, and they will also stop the filter from working properly. This is a very unpleasant issue that causes an unhealthy bath. If left unchecked, it may start to smell and begin to look terrible. You may also see leaves and debris clogging your pipes. However, hiring an expert is very important to enjoy healthy bathing. Let us know your issue, and our team will help to fix it.

  •  Blocked sand filter:

A sand filter is great to keep your water clean, so if it stops working, it will lead your pool to a dirty and unhealthy place. Usually, sand filters last for 3 to years, but any sudden happening could cause an issue for them. If you feel your backwashing cycle is shorter, it may be a sign of a greasy sand filter. However, it’s time to call ALAWAI’s experts to unblock the filter.

  •  Peeling plaster:

Most swimming areas have a surface of plaster to make them more attractive. However, this plaster starts to erode due to chemicals used for cleaning water which looks very unpleasing. In some areas, the plaster becomes thicker, while some areas totally become peeled. Whenever you feel the signs of plaster peeling, immediately contact our team to avoid further damage.


These are a few signs that indicate that your swimming pool needs to be repaired. Any delay in repairing will cause another issue that is become costly or unable to fix. That’s why, whenever you feel any improper working of your pool, you must detect its cause. However, if you can’t detect the issue, call our team; they will visit your area, detect the problem, and will fix it in minimum time. 

ALAWAI Swimming Pool Repairing Services:

Our entire team is fully licensed, trained, and certified to repair anything related to residential pools, including; automation, timers, lights, heaters, filters, pumps, valves, your pool plumbing, skimmers, and drains, in-floor pool cleaners, automatic cleaners and robots pool, handrails, and pool safety device.