The swimming pool is an excellent way to enjoy and cool off, but not every person wants to take in ice-cold water. The heater can help you bring up the temperature of unexpectedly chilly pools on a deceptively warm day. However, At ALAWAI, you can find perfect swimming pool heat installation services. 


We have a team of professional employees who are willing to do your work. We can provide options for any style of heater, from gas systems to electric heating or solar heating. Our experts can install the right option for your swimming area. Each option has specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your options today!

swimming pool heat installation

Types of pool heaters

There are three major types of heaters;

Benefits of installing a pool heater

It extends bath session

Adding warm water to your pool gives your access to year-round pool time. It extends your swimming session so you can enjoy the water at the temperature of your own choice.


The warm water of your swimming pools allows you to keep as comfortable as possible when you use it, whether to swim or play games with your family.

Great investment

Having a swimming pool in your home increases the value of your property. Moreover, if you want it to get more value, then you should also add a heater to it. It will prove a great investment for you.

Enjoy more family time

Optimize your family time by adding a heater to your outdoor swimming area. When you can jump into 80-degree water any time of year, it helps you find new ways to spend time with your family. Imagine the freedom of jumping in your pool with your kids during winter break


Most pool heaters are durable, last longer, and also require very little maintenance. If you get it serviced regularly by our experts, they can be kept in working order for longer, no matter what season it is.

ALAWAI heater installation services

If you want to have an experienced expert to install a pool heater, whether for residential or commercial use, get the services of our team. They can install or replace large or small heating systems. We will satisfy you with our trustworthy services.