Whether you’re going to build a pool in your backyard or you’re already the proud owner of an in-ground swimming area, it’s essential to understand how important having a sliding safety cover is to protect your investment. However, Automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, and easy to use. You can open or close them with the push of a button. They offer great peace of mind for homeowners who want to avoid accidents or keep loved ones and pets out of harm’s way.

Just click the button, and an automatic safety cover will create a barrier for your swimming area to keep children or pets out. All these covers are custom designed to fit perfectly and made from the finest materials.

At ALAWAI, you can find a wide variety of automatic covers in different fabrics and colors

automatic pool cover

Benefits of Automatic pool covers:

Covers have two main functions, covering the water and ensuring personnel safety. By using them, you can keep the water clean and reduce heat and water loss at the push of a button. On the other hand, it can help prevent pets and children from falling into the water while walking or playing beside it.

The benefits of covering the swimming area are followings; 


They act as vapor barriers and stop evaporation from happening. We have specifically designed that helps to have 80 percent of it resting on the swimming pool surface when deployed over the pool, leaving very little to no space for evaporation to occur. 

The covering services for the swimming area can be very beneficial to reduce evaporation up to 90 percent. Keeping them covered when you are not using them eliminates the need to add water to them constantly.

Electricity is needed to run the pump and filter. But pool covers reduce the amount of energy required for filtration by keeping any dirt and debris out; it overcomes your 50 percent of electricity consumption because the filtration equipment can be operated much less frequently

Another advantage of covering your swimming area with a cover is that it also performs as a thermal blanket. When you cover your swimming pool with automatic cover, it traps the heat in just like your regular blanket does when you cover yourself on a cool night.

Automatic covers also act as a protective layer. It keeps all such things as leaves and other organic matter out of the pool. This is an essential function as when organic matter is allowed to get into the water, and it starts to decay, which can wreak havoc on the water chemistry. Moreover, it also blocks sand, dirt, and other things from getting into the water and makes it ready to use for the next time you want.

A pool cover also acts as a winter cover, which helps close your pools during the colder months. It helps to stop sun rays from eating up the chlorine in the swimming pool, which also keeps the water from looking like pea green soup when you open up after the winter.

When you let your pools uncovered, gallons of water could evaporate within a week. However, our covering services help to conserve hundreds of millions of gallons of water each year, which preserve the earth’s most precious resource while saving your money.


Covers also act as a certified safety device when deployed over the swimming pool. It ensures proper safety by sealing off all its sides from accidental entry into the water. It will prevent your pets, non-swimmers, children, and toddlers from accidental drowning.


Types of automatic pool covers:

They are available in different forms, from which some are fully automatic, and some are more economical manual automatic. Their different types are given below;

Manual automatic pool cover

These types of covers are specifically designed for the small size of medium-sized pools. They retracted with a hand crank and extended over a pool by pulling a rope that is connected to the handle.  


On-Deck Track:

On deck track fits almost any size or shape of the swimming pool. This type of cover is more common for professional installers.


Recessed Track:

The in-deck track can be used for any size or shape. Usually, these types of covers are available with a bench-mounted enclosure on a deck or with a housing recessed below the deck. 


Our covers offer:

Our pool covers are perfectly designed that you can be added to different shapes of swimming pools at any time. They could offer you the following features;


They are made with appealing and attractive colors. You can choose the light or dark blue color of your choice. 

Our automatic pool covers are made with appealing and attractive colors. You can choose the light or dark blue color of your choice. 

Our designed covers can be easily fitted to most of the swimming pools. They give a very attractive and appealing appearance. 

They are very easy to use and are just a click away, which means you can push the cover on the pool by clicking the button.

Automatic covers are just a click away, which means you can close or open your swimming area just by clicking a button. 

Get your automatic pool cover from ALAWAI:

We offer high-quality products as well as the customer experience we offer. The ALAWAI team provides high-quality products with customer satisfaction from installation to maintenance of automatic pool covers.

Not any company builds in more exclusive design and manufacturing features to ensure swimming pools’ cleanliness and safety than ALAWAI.

Our swimming pool covers are specifically designed in such a way that they could give you peace of mind that you truly need to enjoy your swimming without any worry! So, contact our team, who is waiting to provide you with the best.