Spare Parts Electrical Switchgear: is a product used to switch, control, and protect different electrical circuits. It typically performs the function of carrying, making, and breaking normal load current like a switch. It consists of different switches and protective devices such as fuses, isolators, current transformers, potential transformers, protective relays, circuit breakers, control panels, and various associated equipment. However, any of its equipment could stop working due to any problem, which could be problematic and affects the entire system. However, getting a suitable spare part that could match the performance of the previous one is never easy. 

Spare parts availability is important to ongoing operations. However, the installation of these components that do not match the original design in terms of mechanical and material features can seriously affect the operation. This wrong match also affects the reliability and safety of products and operations. 

Whether for commercial or industrial use, having switchgear components to meet your specification is necessary. However, at ALAWAI, we provide you with spare parts electrical switchgear that guarantees the reliability and quality of components. All our products are certified that can match your specification. All these products are classified according to the level of technical knowledge required for their replacement. 

Our entire staff is certified, and they have experience of many years. We maintain comprehensive stock-certified parts and guarantee each of them availability throughout its life cycle. Moreover, our services are available 24/7 to provide immediate emergency response if you need it urgently.

Guarantee of Products

The importance of having original spare parts cannot be denied as they are essential for fast and maintenance activities. This usually becomes more sensitive when the products were produced some years ago, and components in it are no longer in production. However, guaranteed critical parts help reduce downtime associated with maintenance and failure. ALA WAI guarantees you to provide the best and guaranteed switchgear service to match your requirements. 

We promise to provide you;

We have a team of experts who can help you to get the best products that can easily match your budget

Essential features of switchgear:


Reliability is one of the essential features because of the continuous trend of interconnection and increasing generation stations. The safety of the power system depends on switchgear, so each components must operate its function isolate. If a fault occurs to any of its component, then it's essential to cut off and replace that faulty section from the system quickly. 

Absolutely certain discrimination

When any issue or fault occurs to any switchgear component, it must distinguish between faulty part and healthy part. It should isolate this faulty section carefully without affecting the healthy parts of the system. However, if it will not discriminate between faulty and healthy parts, the fault will spread and damage the whole system

Quick operation

Proper working and fast response of switchgear is a prime requirement because it must identify the faulty device and immediately cut it off from the system to avoid damaging transformers, generators, and other parts of the system. 

If it gives a slow response or does not detect faulty parts, the fault will affect other healthy parts, thus affecting and causing the complete shutdown of the system

Provision for manual control

It does not only need an electric control device, but it must also have provision for the control panel. This is because if electric control of the device fails to work, then important operations could be carried out through manual control

ALAWAI Services:

ALAWAI is a famous company and has gained popularity because of its quality and trustworthy services. Our team is a group of employees who all are talented, experienced, and experts in their field. 

Our spare parts electrical switchgear services are famous all around where we provide you with original spare parts that could fit in the switchgear and could work as the original component. 

Our services are available 24/7, and we provide emergency services for all our products. So whatever part you need for your switchgear, just let us know!