Having wall heaters is nice when you live in an area where the temperature mostly stays colder. But they look ugly to look during warmer weather. Central heating and furnaces are often hidden away in basements, where they pose no aesthetic problem. However, an old wall heater takes up a conspicuous place in a room. Painting it to blend in with the walls or just to cover up scratches, rust, and peeling paint, makes a big difference to the overall decor.


However, if you simply want to update your heaters, still covering them with color is a great option. You don’t need to pay a lot of money on buying new ones and replacing them because simply painting them can breathe new life in them. It will help hide any imperfection and update the look of your heater.



Painting them in a unique design also helps to stand out and match your décor. However, you may also choose to paint them in a natural tone to match the background.


At ALAWAI, you can get the best heat painting work services. Our expert, experienced and friendly team will undertake the entire project from removal to refit. So stop worrying about anything and let our team do your work. We have been working in this field for many years, and we have won the trust of many customers. So you should not worry about anything, and we can assure you that you will not experience any chipping, flaking, or discoloration over the years.  

Reason to paint heaters:

Usually, people use to paint their old, rusty heaters to give them a new and fresh look. As rusty and old heaters are unsightly, it’s best to cover them up. Covering rust and any other imperfection of heating in an excellent and cheap process solution to improve their appearance.


However, hiring the best and most expert person will help you to make this task more aesthetic. You may choose any color to paint them, but choosing an ordinary and wall-matching color is the best option.

Baseboard heaters:

Metal baseboard heaters are perfect for keeping your house warm in cold weather, but as they get older, they may look unsightly. But you can paint them to make them look good. It will give new life to your baseboard heaters. You can decide to color them to match the design of your home to match them with the color of your wall, which will give a more discreet look.


Our entire team is experienced in their work, and they can help you to decide that which color will suit you more. They will complete their work within hours and will make you feel satisfied. We do not consider our task completed until we satisfy our customers.


Radiators painting:

Radiators also discolor over time; however, painting them can give them a new and fresh look. We at ALAWAI offer the services to paint your radiators with your chosen colors. We offer professional painting services to coordinate with your chosen color scheme. If you want to give them a decorative look, you just have to inform our team. Our professionals will give them a very imaginative look and will make them the central piece of any room. However, if you want to match them with the wallpaper of your room, let our team know.


Moreover, metallic colors are now gaining popularity, particularly natural cast, and old penny colors, wonderful choices for that antique copper antique grey look. If you want a rich, handsome color scheme to match your color scheme, then choosing antique copper or grey is a great choice. However, to make sure that your color choice is right, take the suggestion of our professionals.

Our services:

Tired of your old rust heaters? Painting them is the easiest way to give them a facelift. Luckily, we have been providing these services to our valuable customers. Our aim is to provide spotless heaters that will give a fresh and new look. We are a leading company with a vision of the future that is constantly looking for ways to improve our new service. Our entire team has experience in this field for many years. We offer our service at an affordable range, and our employees will not take much time and will complete this task within hours. So taking our service will make you feel satisfied. SO what are you waiting for? Call us and enjoy our services.