Floating fountains are known for their beauty to the pond or lake. However, they not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your property but also help with algae control and management of aquatic weed growth by decreasing organic muck build, mitigating the nutrient load, and providing a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic life. All these things are important to maintain healthy lake and pond management.

However, a perfect fountain control panel could make your fountain easy to manage. It helps to control fountain water pumps, water valves, and lights. So choosing the right brand for your fountain control panel is necessary.


At ALAWAI, our entire staff is well trained and qualified with years of experience and eagerly waiting to help you. They are ready to install and service all the industry-leading brands of floating pond and lake fountain products and with the best control panel for your fountain.   

We are the leading organization to offer an optimal quality range of Fountain Control Panel. Our control panels are well manufactured by our skilled professionals using quality components and the latest technology. The control panel offered is available in various technical specifications as per the requirements of our valued customers. Our esteemed customers highly admire our control panel for its long lifespan and minimal maintenance. Also, we offer this control panel to our customers at a reasonable price.

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Fountain Control Panel features:

Our fountain control panel features change according to the requirements and needs of the system to be controlled. They range from dynamic to static fountains. Moreover, some features also include complex systems such as musical fountain and multimedia fountain. Our panels are always custom-made according to the requirements and needs of clients.


ALAWAI’s fountain control panels are designed and assembled, including all parts of the fountain control system and electric accessories; power supplies for pumps, light control electronics, pump inverters, and water level control systems. Network to control pumps, valves, any other important water equipment using MDB protocol, with the possibility of monitoring the operating state of connected devices, everything programmed according to dynamic and musical water shows.

According to the customer’s needs and in order to ensure the functioning of the fountain system in any situation and event, even in an emergency, our control panel is designed to operate in different operating modes: manual operating mode, allowing manual selection of the color of the lights and the height of the water jets by means of switches and potentiometers; the MDB operating mode, controlling the source according to the a priori programming of some dynamic and musical choreographies chosen.  

Different types of fountain control panels:

Our control panel provides control and protection for floating fonts and RGB lights. Some of the control panel types have easy-to-use toggle switches, where you can also use the clock to set the start and stop times for the pump and fountain lights. The fountain pump and lights are also protected from overload damage and ground faults thanks to the included RCD and thermal overload.

Musical fountain control pumps:

Our musical fountain control panels are designed using modern technology. They control fountain water pumps, VFDs, RGB lights, which synchronize all devices to generate eye-pleasing water patterns in the fountain.

VFD control panel:

VFD control panels are great for the dusty, dirty, wet, humid, corrosive or hot environment, which keeps all the dust particles out of electrical components.

Motor control panels:

Our motor control panels include various motor options, switchboards, power distribution equipment, and medium voltage motor control solutions for the fountain water control system.

Remote control panel:

At ALAVAI remote control panel system, we offer very good quality fountain control panels. The remote control panel system is controlled through a PC.

Manual or automatic control panels:

Control panels could be manual or automatic or a combination of both. Our automatic control panels are designed to supply an emergency backup supply and are manufactured from 16A up to and including 4000A (if you want further information, please contact our engineers, who will explain each detail).

Highlighting features of our control panels:

A clean and well-organized panel is a priority of any customer when to buy a control panel, whether to control fountain water or any other system. We can easily spot a well-organized and poorly designed panel – poorly laid out, crowded, messy, wires hanging all over the place, etc., just by looking at them. 


Whereas neatness is probably the first thing that comes to mind about a well-designed panel, neatness is really the by-product of several other well-executed aspects of the panel’s design. Moreover, our control panel design also includes; labeling, panel sizing, component spacing, wireway design, and component replacement. 

We provide high-quality service to our customers at an affordable price range.

we assembled our team of talented, motivated, and experienced workers.

our all employees are experienced, certified and factory-trained

All products are made with high-quality, guaranteed material.

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