Pump repair is a maintenance process for the sake of smooth pumping and keeps them working for a more extended period. Repairing them is also necessary to reduce operating costs and prevent corrosion.


ALAWAI Pump repairing work offers you complete service from a single source. From pump removal to their repair and safe return of your equipment to operation. This applies to all types of pumps, including pumps used for chemical, submersible well, submersible motor, wastewater, power, and hygienic pumps. 


Failure issues that need repairing

Common failure pump causes include;

Equipment issue is a common issue of their failure. A pump is usually equipped with many essential parts, and if there is a problem with any of these parts, it leads to their poor working.

So if you find them poorly working, it may be due to the failure of its any part. You just have to dial a call to our professionals who will detect which parts are causing the problem and will get it fixed for you.

If you find any leaking from your pump or fittings, whether it is minor or major leaking. The leakage indicates an issue that must be rectified immediately. However, it is time to call us to get our repairing services to get it back into a normal working position.

If you find your pump not working properly as it used to be or not operating to the level of your expectation, it may be due to a power issue. Check that it is receiving proper electrical power from the source and ensure it is in good condition. If you have an air-operated pump, then make sure that its compressor is in good condition. However, if you are using mains supply, contact our team to assess the problem. They will detect the issue and fix it.

Proper working of pumps is essential; any minor change in their working could affect the system with which they are attached. However, they normally create some kind of noise, but if you find any unusual sound from them, it may be a sign of cavitation, which causes intense shockwaves inside them. This noise can lead to significant damage. 

You should immediately inform our team when you listen to any unusual sound and they will help fix the issue and get it back in its proper work.

Bearing are very small parts of pumps that play a vital role in their proper functioning. Any trouble in their work could affect the overall performance. However, the most common issue of bearing failure is improper lubrication, which causes it to overheat. Other causes may also include bearing selection: fatigue, and many more

Pump that is constructed in optimal conditions usually lasts for up to 15 years. However, they could have a different life cycle depending on their construction material. For instance, if they are constructed with just PVC pipe, they have larger chances of failure than those who are constructed with steel casing. 

However, proper impeller working is also very essential. But erosion causes them to wear and tear; moreover, it is also caused due to improperly sized pumps that lead to an imbalance of pressures.

For all the above problems, an easy solution is just to replace the failed component. But selecting an experienced team to fix your problem is very important to save it from future failure.

However, we have been working to provide you best repairing services. All our employees are skilled and ready to solve pump-related problems for you. 

ALAWAI Pump Repairing Work

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services for all our products and a dedicated emergency support team to help you as quickly as possible in times of need. Our industrial pumps repair and maintenance solutions not only get them back in proper working but also improve their reliability, extend their life and reduce costs. We also repair most pumps from other manufacturers, in addition to our industrial pump repair and maintenance services. Whatever your needs, let us get your pump running like new again. Today, our full-service engineering department and staff are ready to rebuild and provide you with repairing services.