ALAWAI is the largest independent service organization that offers a range of expert generator solutions from repair and servicing to maintenance and monitoring. We have the technicians and expertise to maintain and operate your generator systems. 

Some of the common issues with the generators include;


However, if you have any other issues like improper fueling, damage to any electric component, poor maintenance, oil leakage, inadequate coolant, or any other, just contact our team, who will help you to fix any problem. Our experts are experienced and are highly skilled in providing generator services. They are available to serve you 24/7. If you feel trouble in visiting our place, don’t worry! Just let us know, and our technicians will visit your home and work to get your generator up to date. Our technicians are perfect for people who don’t have the ability to leave the house and take the generator to service.

Maintenance & repair services:

Generators must be maintained regularly to ensure that it is in optimal working order to prevent any unexpected power failure and to avoid costly consequences when it does not perform as they should. A malfunctioning generator may lead to lengthy delays and partial or complete shutdown. Its improper functioning could cripple your entire business operations in a matter of moments in case of failure of the primary powerhouse.

At ALAWAI, we understand your generator must be working in optimal working conditions to keep your home or business operation running smoothly. That’s why our expert and highly experienced generator mechanics always stand ready to ensure that you have power when you need it most.

Our maintenance services are always ready for you where our experts perform routine inspections of your generator to make its malfunction corrected before it turns into a problem.

Not only this, but we are also proudly offering its repair services with having access to a large inventory of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Our scheduled maintenance plan can be trolled to meet your specific needs. Our services are available all the time so if you feel any problem with any type of your generator or want to have a maintenance plan to keep it working up and efficient, call us to get affordable services.

We offer:

Different types of generators:

Generators are essentially lifesavers. They are backup power sources that usually convert fuel power into electric power. The energy is then used in an external circuit. They are available in three different types; potable, inverter, and standby. Despite the difference in all these generators, they undergo similar maintenance to ensure long-term usability. Similar safety precautions should be carried out to prevent the hazards posed by their operations.


Portable generators:

This type is powered by diesel or gas fuel, and it provides temporary electric power. This type is usually in the home. It produces electricity by running a gas-powered engine which turns an onboard alternator to generate electricity. It has a gas engine and outlets that allow you to plug extensions cord, electric power tools, and different appliances into it.

Some of the characteristics of this type are;

Inverter generators:

They use the engine to produce AC power which is connected to an alternator. Unlike other types, they also use a rectifier to convert AC into DC power. They electronically control the engine up and down to meet the demand for electricity instead of running full tilt all the time. Resulting improves efficiency, and you don’t have to fill up the gas tank as often. They are generally reticent and produce lower emissions.

Some of the characteristics to note down of this types includes;

Standby generators:

It is an electric system that works with an automatic transfer switch that gives a command to it to power the device up during power loss. Unlike portable type, which is a temporary solution powered by gasoline, it is an automatic and permanent backup solution that is powered by natural gas or liquid propane.

Some of its characteristics are jotted down;

For any of the types, our services are here. If your generators are not working properly, it’s time to get our services. Sometimes generator problems go unnoticed until an emergency arises. This is especially true for fixed models that are intended to provide power when the main electricity runs out. Portable generators that supply power to tools and other machines are more likely to get noticed more quickly. In either case, they can be detected quickly with an inspection. Generator inspections should include looking at the entire exterior and interior, cables and connections, fluid levels, and control panels. 

Our generator services:

Our services cover Generator Rental, Generator Sale, Generator Purchase, Secure Mobile Power Generators, and also provide a complete diesel generator repair and maintenance service for customers’ generator demand. We also have a range of new and used generators for sale, including diesel generators, and we can supply any new and used generators to your specification.

We have a team of honest, experienced, and talented employees who have been working in this field for years. They will help you to detect the problem and will solve it. Just dial up a call to get the best services.