Fountain, derived from the Latin word “fons,” means a decorative reservoir for discharging water. MEP service is essential to build it, whether you want to make it for your home or business. MEP services ensure to give you the best and most cost-effective fountain work.

Outdoor fountain work:

Outdoor fountains are a great way to improve the exterior of your house and transform your outdoor spaces. Specifically, when carved from natural stone, a stone construction makes your property more relaxing, inviting, and zen. Moreover, building it outside your house offers a big focal point. So, contact our team to help you make a fountain with MEP means, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. Out MEP services are very advantageous that could make it worth looking at and cost-effective. We, at ALAWAI, proudly create unique and custom fountains that emphasize timeless beauty and stunning aesthetics.

Source of power:

They are generally powered in two ways; by hardwired electricity or by solar power. Solar-powered fountains do not require tapping into your home electrical supply. It is a popular option; even in areas that don’t experience much sun, solar panels could provide enough energy to run the pump. While hardwired supply electricity from the house’s power supply, however, you need to hire a professional who could do this task legally and adequately for both of these tasks.

fountain MEP work

At ALAWAI, we provide the following services:


Re-level your fountain can be a difficult task if you have not done it before; let our professional team level it, so it comes out even on every side.


Our comprehensive, single-source design services provide you with the easiest way to get your design intended without the burden of too much mechanical detail. By providing design to our staff with basic information, we will provide a comprehensive package for the cost-effective process.


There could not be more pleasing than listening to the soothing sound of your fountain. Enjoy your font for next year. We will maintain with regular service. Their cleaning services that we can provide you include Vacuuming dirty water out, scrubbing out algae, cleaning the filter pump, inspecting all pipes and fittings, re-leveling the water flow, and adding chemicals to the water.

Underwater lights

Our innovative services could give you a very aesthetic and wonderful fountain. If you want to illuminate it, underwater lights are a great option that can be easily hidden within a water feature and cast light on it. This light gives a very beautiful diffused glow on the surface of the water. Moreover, if you have already installed it and want to install lights, it's not too late, contact us, and we will make it look amazing at night.

Autofill system

Generally, a water fountain circulates the same water up and down, so it is necessary to frequently add and fill the water due to splash and evaporation. You may need to add water every couple of days, or even in some types, you may need to add water every day, depending on how often you run it. However, with our expert services, we can install an auto-fill system for the fountain, where you do not need to fill your mountain every couple of days or every day.

ALAWAI's Fountain MEP work

If you are looking for a feature fountain in your space, contact our team, we will help you to build the water fountain you have been dreaming about. Our team focuses on MEP, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, providing a collaboration of skills and experience to design your entire fountain from the drawing board of completion. Generally, there are two types of MEP services, one focusing on design and the second focusing on installation. However, at ALAWAI, we provide you with both of these MEP services. Our award-winning MEP fountain design and installation team create and manages fountain projects on a scale.

Experienced staff:
We have experienced staff that has helped manage many commercial water features. We mainly focus on quality workmanship and professionalism. We have many years’ experience in providing our customers with the best services. We provide you with experienced, professional, and attentive service that’s set up an apart and defines the standard.