A Jacuzzi is a large circular bathtub that is fitted with a device that makes your water move around. However, the control panel is generally the center of your Jacuzzi. A properly working panel is very important as it controls all the functions of your Jacuzzi. It does not only make you able to monitor every function but also helps you to detect any problem in your hot tub.

The Jacuzzi control panel is like a timer that keeps its temperature of your constant. It automatically turns off your hot tub when you forget to turn it off and troubleshoots problems. Thus, it is essential to have the right panel that must be working correctly.

Your Jacuzzi could face many problems, including electrical issues. There may also be trouble with your breaker or circuit and some other problems regarding the heating element or thermostat, wiring, or fuses. However, the great controlling panel makes you aware of any problem in your hot tub.

jacuzzi control panel

Know about ALAWAI’s Jacuzzi control panel:

Think of your hot tub’s panel as a central hub, where you can control everything about your hot tub. Selecting the right choice is important to make it used easily and conveniently.

It is a functional system that controls all the functions and features of your hot tub. It works as a central system that manages almost everything from main power to spa jet and even some other things like light and music.

ALAWAI brand offers a great controlling panel that is specifically operated to control all the functions of your Jacuzzi. It is equipped with LED, or some have LCDs screens, various buttons, and an indicated covered in an overlay. Their buttons control every function and screen to communicate to the user about what current function is being carried out.

We have digital and analog panel options specifically designed to work with specific control boards.

However, taking good care of your panel is essential; you can take advice or any opinion from our professionals to keep it in good health.

Jacuzzi control panel Menu:

Our experts have designed a control panel specifically for the Jacuzzi in such a way that it is easy to understand and use. However, it has several choices functions;

Some wonderful features to detect troubleshooting of your Jacuzzi:

Our control panels are specifically designed to control your Jacuzzi, which makes your bathing a wonderful experience. They not only offer you control of your bathing but also has wonderful features that detect any problem with your hot tub. Some of the most common errors that you could examine through the control panel include;



It could make you aware of overheated water. If it shows a message including HTR TEMPT LMT, OH, OHH, or HH, then not get into the water because these are the signs indicating that water has overheated. Remove the cover from the tub, turn off the water and let it cool. Then reset the system to turn it on again.


GFI failure

The LCD display will show you GFI or GFCI failure if it is tripping the breaker, then it's a sign that you may need a technician to look at your Jacuzzi to make sure that it is safer to use.

No message

If you are not receiving any message on the panel or nothing lights up, it is a sign that it has been disconnected from Jacuzzi. Check your connections to make sure everything is secure and tight. Sometimes, this happens because of a bad wire, so in that case, you may need to replace the faulty wire before you can return power

Missing numbers

If its screen shows you missing numbers, it may be due to a bad connection or moisture in your wiring. In that case, de-attach it from the Jacuzzi and clean everything carefully. Also, check for water leaks and make sure everything is dry.  


Backlight option

If its screen shows you missing numbers, it may be due to a bad connection or moisture in your wiring. In that case, de-attach it from the Jacuzzi and clean everything carefully. Also, check for water leaks and make sure everything is dry.  


Panel flickers

If you find your Jacuzzi controlling device flickering, it is a sign of a low voltage problem with the wiring. It may be because your unit could not support the voltage. Then you can contact our professional, who will help you to fix your problem.

Or, if you have worked with the same panel in the past, and suddenly it starts flickering, then it may be due to a loose connection. Check all the connections, clean them thoroughly, and test them again.  

ALAWAI Jacuzzi services:

No one likes to use a control panel that doesn’t work properly. As this is inconvenient, replacing or repairing it could be very expensive and obviously problematic.

However, at ALAWAI, we have perfect control panels for your Jacuzzi that can make it easy to operate. We have talented and experienced employees who can help you to detect any problem related to your Jacuzzi. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact us, and get the best option.