The most effective form of odor control for wastewater systems is chemical dosing. But for these systems to be effective, a certain amount of chemical dosage must be constantly injected without wastewater flow. However, the proper functioning of each system must be assured to inject the dosage adequately and run the complete system. 

Basically, it is a system of adding chemicals into the water to achieve the required condition. These systems are generally used at pump stations, rising minas, and sewer manholes; however, they could also be installed in any place where containment is required. The system must be working properly and need regular maintenance for working accurately. However, many issues could affect the functioning of the dosing system.  

If the system does not work appropriately, it could cause further issues. For example, if a dosing system with a defect is left untreated, it will dose too few or too many chemicals into water, a severe threat. A low dosage can lead to the discharge of insufficiently treated wastewater. Excessive dosage can make discharges chemically toxic. Significant chemical waste or untreated discharges due to faulty equipment can be detrimental to rivers, streams, and other natural habitats. The resulting impacts on your business may include hefty fines, oversight commitments, repair work, and a damaged reputation.

So it is always advised to resolve the issue when you see it. However, if you are unable to detect what problem is going on with your chemical dosing system, you should contact our team. They will not just resolve the problem, but they will also help you to detect the problem. Get our services to avoid any inconvenience. Some other problems of system pump that could affect its proper functioning includes;


Incorrect pump installation:

If the pump and its components are installed incorrectly, it will cause to build up over time. It will affect the entire system’s performance because when the pump is mounted incorrectly, it can place pressure on other places, maybe in the wrong places. It will cause machinery or other moving parts to break down. So placing the pump in its right position is necessary. Nonetheless, when you find the pump placed incorrectly, let us know; our team will visit your area and help you fix this problem to avoid any future inconvenience.

Importance of Maintenance:

When you get your system repaired, you should never be tempted to the false economy of skimping. If they are not properly maintained, there are many chances of your dosing system breakdown again. However, a properly maintained system keeps on working reliably and lowers operating expenditure.

Moreover, other expenses that you may have to face due to improper maintenance can include:

In the longer term, not maintaining your asset reduces its useful life and puts pressure on your company’s capital expenditure budget to replace it. 

We service chemical dosing systems according to our customer requirements. We offer 24 hours emergency call-out repair services to ensure that the chemical dosing system can be taken care of quickly in case of any fault. So whenever you feel improper functioning or any change in the regular functioning, you can call our team. They will detect the issue and repair it.

Our employees have significant experience in a wide range of chemical dosing system repairing, and they can detect and solve any wide range of problems related to your system. Our team will help you to identify the root cause of this problem. We will repair faulty instruments and advice on new equipment if repairs are not possible. We have a wide range of dosing pump parts that all are available at a reasonable price.