Electric motors are simple mechanical devices, but rewinding them is not easy. It is a process that is best to leave on a professional and expert person. We have a team of talented, expert, and experienced employees who have been working in the field of electric motor rewinding for many years. They can help you to keep it functioning properly for longer.

Our services are perfect for rewinding AC and DC motors. After our well-planned rewind services, you will notice improvements in power density, reliability, and overall efficiency. For this purpose, our technicians use leading equipment and practices.  

What is rewinding?

Electric motor rewinding is a process that is often used as a way to repair shorted, grounded, or damaged coils. As you use your motor and it gets ages, the coils can break and become compromised. There could be numerous issues behind failures that need to be rewound; however, most of them are in the form of failed insulation or due to shorted or grounded coils.  

Shorted, grounded, or damaged coils reduce the efficiency of your electric motor until it fails completely. Insulation failures can be changed into a number of different forms, including windings that have shorted turn to turn, coil to coil, or grounding at the edge of the slot. These all issues are traced back to contamination, voltage surges, vibration, overall age of the machine, or abrasion. 

Besides this, thermal deterioration is another cause of its failure. It happens when insulation overheats due to bad connection in the terminal, excessive load demands exceeding the motor ratings, locked motor resulting in high currents in the stator, or excessive reversals or starts. 

As part of your routine maintenance, it is essential to rewind it. The process uses these basic steps:

The first stem, data recording, involves cataloging the current setup of the motor and recording the damage that is present in it. Then, in the next step, the faulty rewinding is removed and replaced carefully. Cleaning tools like media blaster is used to remove and clean unwanted debris.

Then the next step is cleaning the stator, which must be cleaned carefully to prevent any contamination. After cleaning, insulation is painted applied. Then technicians install liner insulations to avoid core and coil contact.

These are very general steps of rewinding, but these services vary depending on your motor type. Many other important parts may wear out or may break or be damaged. However, you should consult our team to get the best rewinding services. They will examine the motor and its components that need to be repaired or changed.

Signs that show that motor needs services:

There are many issues with your motor that are a sign showing that they need to be serviced. However, from all of them, there are three main signs that include:

Physical damage:

The physical issue may include overheating, vibration, electric overload, and poor performance.



This issue occurs when your motor continuously runs hot or emits smoke from it. This may happen because of a connection that may have become faulty or maybe because of a blocked air passageway. However, no matter what is the cause behind it, you should go for rewinding services.


if the motor starts vibrating constantly, it’s a sign that it may be failing or having trouble due to loose bearings. In this case, you should not use it again until the technician comes and examine it. Otherwise, the issue may become more severe.


Poor performance

when you feel that your motor is not working as effectively as it once did, then it’s a very general sign that it needs some attention.

Insulation issues:

There are many issues with your motor that are a sign showing that they need to be serviced. However, from all of them, there are three main signs that include:

Reduced resistance:

Low or reduced resistance is usually caused due to corrosion, physical damage, or overheating. If this condition is left unchecked further causes leakage and short circuits, which eventually results in motor failures.

These all are the signs showing that your motor needs to be serviced, which potentially includes rewind. Here is one thing that you should remember, hiring an expert and experienced team will help you to detect issues. It will fix it efficiently, but if you hire an inexperienced person for rewinding services to save your money, the process will take significantly longer. The risk of its damaging beyond the point of repair will increase.  

If you are wondering about getting the best services, you should consult the team of ALAWAI, where we have been providing these services for years and have built the trust of our customers. Our certified and expert technicians use the latest tools and extensive inventory to reduce downtime and provide you with the faulty free motor.  

ALAWAI services:

Electric motor rewinding is an intense and heavily involved process that our experts perform efficiently. They have experience of years and have wound countless motors, so they know the process by heart. They not only rewind it but also carefully study its design first to suggest suitable modifications that will make it less likely to break down in the future. These services will ensure better performance than past.

You can be confident that when you get our services, you will find yourself satisfied with our quality work. So dial a call and contact us today, and let our team resolve the issue.