Pool MEP work is an abbreviation for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. All these three major technical fields cover the system that makes the buildings habitable for humans. These three technical fields are designed together because of their high degree of interaction. The combination of these three is very important for construction, as when these three systems – mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, are designed in isolation, they could create clashes. However, their combined approach prevents equipment location conflicts. 

pool MEP work

Pool MEP work

  1. Swimming pools are an engineering challenge, whether it is constructed and designed for commercial or an engineering challenge. Aesthetics are undoubtedly important, but pool shells must be designed in such a way that they must safely hold a specific volume of water. Furthermore, their system must be designed in such a way that it could keep it filtered and sanitized.
  2. Moreover, there may also be a need for mechanical designs for different elements, including heating venting, heating, and discharge of water, regardless of the size of the purposed swimming area. Also, there must be safe ventilation of mechanical spaces and maybe be needed for the structural design of piers and other supporting foundations. 
  3. Good design is not exactly good if it neglects all the practicalities. Especially in the case of building swimming pools, they do not only include the body of water, but it extends throughout the entire facility.
  4. If swimming areas are not well designed, they could be hazardous. Even though their sides could become slippery, which can lead to accidents, if its water becomes contaminated, it could cause many diseases.
  5. However, at ALAWAI, we cover everything from engineering standard design of pools to proper water system, spas, bather preparation areas, water supply, and water treatment system of safety and water quality standards. 

MEP pool work helps to manage moisture

Naturally, a heated indoor pool will give a humid environment; that’s why you need to be careful to construct it in a suitable place, for example, away from the gym. It may seem nice and aesthetic to you to have a gym area and pool overlooking together, but humidity will damage the equipment badly, making it too hot for the gym users.

Humidity will not only impact how the swimming area is used, but it will also affect its decoration and building materials like flooring, paint finishes, furniture, joinery, and tiles. However, MEP pool design will ensure to keep the humidity levels manageable. Little moisture around an indoor swimming pool is not acceptable, but you can make sure that it is not problematic with the right HVAC. It will not just keep the interior finishes in good condition, but it is also helpful for human health. There are chances of growing mold in a moisture environment, so it is essential to keep it under control.

MEP pool work gives the best Drainage network:

This is an important network of pool work. The drainage of the pool is not the same as the so-called drainage. However, it is an outlet housing a pipe that runs to the pump, where it sucks water through the skimmer. Then it goes through the filter, then through the heater (if you want to install it), and then it goes back through multiple inlets.

Water supply:

The water supply network will use to supply water from water supply pumps to the pool. MEP work assures to provide potable (treated) water for health reasons.

Why choose ALAWAI for pool work?

To get the best design, working with an experienced MEP engineering firm offers many benefits as they could optimize material requirements to reduce the cost for installation while achieving high performance and meeting codes. Be careful to assemble all the experts at the beginning to diminish any issue and contract excellent and experienced consultants for your pool work. We at ALAWAI have an experienced team who will combine practical and aesthetic qualities to provide you with the best possible swimming facility. Our team will help you to give;
Fit-out work: With the modern, fast-growing technology, our team will help you to give better designing and installation of interior works for swimming areas, whether constructed for commercial or engineering challenges.