electric control panel

ALAWAI has extensive experience in assembling electric control panels. Through our wide knowledge and experience of custom controls, we can provide a solution for a wide variety of custom panel applications. 

Types of control panels:

There are different kinds of panels used to operate a wide range of equipment. Each type contains different components that are used to perform various functions such as turning equipment on or off, directing certain movements, opening or closing valves, and other numerous other operations. Some of their types are given below;


A motor control center or MCCs is an assembly to monitor all or some electric motors in a center. They contain multiple enclosed sections where each section contains a combination starter as well as an overload relay for protecting the motor and circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers and fuses. Additionally, they can also consist of other components such as variable frequency drives (VFDs), buttons, indicator lights, and measurement devices. However, they are often expensive types that need to control multiple motors from a central location, such as a mechanical or electrical room.


Programmable logic control of PLC is the most efficient type, which is capable of higher output with less power consumption. They can connect and monitor input devices such as sensors, pushbuttons, relays, and switches. However, they can execute programmed outputs such as sound an alarm open or closing a valve to stop or start a motor. They are very reliable and efficient that makes it easy and simple to maintain systems and also decreases the cost associated with various projects.

Operators’ stations or HMI:

HMI- human-machine interface or operator station panels contain use graphical illustration representing devices and machines in a system. They allow operators to interact with industrial control systems, deliver commands, and monitor equipment statuses such as faults, warnings, production levels, and various parameters.

Motor starter panels:

They are electromagnetic operated device that commands to start and stop the motor. Normally, this type includes a relay to protect the electrical overload of the connected motor. It may consist of a single or multiple motor starter housed in an enclosure. Moreover, it also contains selector switches or pushbutton to monitor the state of the motor, power distribution, power disconnect switch, and circuit protection components.

Hazardous operation panels:

As the name indicates, they are used for safe operations in hazardous locations. Hazardous locations are classified by a set of divisions, zones, and categories, which define the general nature of the hazardous material present or the level of risk associated with the location and the specific type of hazardous material present. However, depending on the location specification, these types of panels are assembled with essential materials, safety devices, and construction to operate and function safely.


Variable frequency drive or VFD is the type of motor controller that controls the speed of an AC motor by varying the input of frequency and voltage. They can also direct the functioning of motor ramp up and motor ramp down during the process of stopping and starting the motor. This type gives many advantages, including reduced energy consumption, improved system efficiency, matching the speed, and reducing the mechanical stress on a machine. Above all are the most commonly used control panels that are used all around the world. At ALAWAI, you can get any type; moreover, you can also request our team to assemble a panel according to your specifications. Our team is experienced and skillful and is willing to do your job. To get a quality control panel assembly, contact us now!

Custom control panels:

We have been providing full-service industrial panels for years. Our entire team members are skilled and talented enough to handle any size of the job, from pushbutton control stations to the largest multi-door control panels. We make a wide range of panels, including:

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