Electric motors play an important role in a wide range of industrial, municipal, and commercial operations. As such, when it starts to show signs of failure, many people are faced with a difficult decision: whether they should repair it or replace it? While repairing them serves as a cheap and quick fix to the problem, the long-term reliability and efficiency of the equipment as compared to replacing it. But selecting a company that could get them back into working is an essential step. Only experienced workers could detect the cause of failure and provide it back to you as it was previously working.  


However, our motor repairing work services are here to get them up and running again, whatever size, application, or power they possess. At ALAWAI, our team of professionals is working to provide you with the best repair, maintenance, and overhaul of their types on a contracted or emergency response basis.


In case of sudden or unexpected failure, our services are available 24/7 to help you provide emergency repair services. Our employees are honest, skilled, and experienced enough to give your product back into the proper working state in minimum time.

However, if your motor can’t be removed from your site, our team could also provide you site services and will come to the place where you need them.

motor repairing work

Causes of failure

Here are five major causes of their failure;

Electrical overload is usually caused by excessive current flowing within the windings, exceeding the design current that the motor is capable of efficiently and safely carrying. This can be caused by a low supply voltage, resulting in the motor drawing more current in an attempt to maintain its torque. It can also be the result of shorted conductors or an excessive voltage supply.


However, if your motor is facing electric overload, contact our team to help you fix this problem and prevent it from future failure. 

Low resistance is the most common issue of their failure, which is also difficult to overcome. The degradation of insulation of windings usually causes it due to conditions such as corrosion or overheating. It results in insufficient isolation between conductors or wirings, leading to short circuits and failure.

However, as mentioned before, it could be a difficult issue to resolve and get it back into its proper working state. Still, a team of professionals could make it possible. Our team has been doing this task for years and has the experience to make it possible. So contact our professionals to solve this issue.

Overheating is a very common issue that leads to their failure. It can be caused due to poor power quality or a high-temperature operating environment. Our experts can solve this issue and keep your motor safe from over-heating.

Contamination from dirt, chemical, or dust is another leading cause of failure. When any foreign body finds its way to get inside the motor, leading to a high level of vibration and wear, it also blocks the cooling fan that limits its cooling and regulating temperature ability. This all leads to over-heating, which is a threat to its failure.

However, if you find it not working properly due to contamination, in that case, you should consult our team to fix this problem, they will not only repair it, but they will also guide you in some steps to prevent the contamination.

Vibration can lead to numerous further issues, which are usually caused when your motor is positioned on an uneven or unstable surface. However, continuous vibration eventually causes its failure. So, whenever you find it vibrating, contact our team to solve this issue for you.

However, if you face any other issue with your motor, you can dial a call to our team; they will help you detect the problem and get it done. Our motor repairing work focuses on our customers’ satisfaction, and we do not consider our task done until we make our customers happy and satisfied.

ALAWAI Motor Repair Services

Whenever you find your motor not working properly, it’s essential to get it checked by a professional to prevent future failures. We, at ALAWAI, are the best repair service provider, who has been working for years. All our employees are talented and experienced to do your work appropriately. We provide in-house and in-the-field repairing services.