ALAWAI is a team of professional and experienced workers who have been providing fountain services for years. Moreover, they are not only skilled in providing these services; in fact, they also offer their customers fountain repair services. When a fountain stops working or is broken, it is very important to get an experienced professional onsite who can detect the issue and solve it and provide a quick and durable solution.


Our all employees are experienced and talented and ready to help you in repairing it that remains in excellent condition for longer. If you find it not working properly, our team can help you to get it fixed. We don’t consider our task until we satisfy our customers.

fountain repair services

Common fountain issues when you need to get them repaired:

If you have a fountain near your pool, then regular care like routine maintenance is essential; otherwise, it could suffer seriously in the long run. Older fountains usually get easily damaged. If you find that it is not working correctly and you cannot detect the problem, you can contact our team, which will detect and solve the issue as efficiently as possible.

Its common issues include;

The problem in turning it on:

If you find a problem turning your fountain on, don’t get tension. It may be due to an issue with power; our team can fix it and repair it.

These all are common issues that you may face. However, if you find any other problems mentioned above, our repair services are always welcome to help you.

The expert knowledge of a trained repair professional gives reliable results. DIY jobs are not often reliable, especially when it comes to unfamiliar systems, a professional’s technical expertise can make a world of difference. Once completed, you won’t wonder how long the repair will take. You will find that you are confident in the results delivered. However, choosing a skilled and experienced team of workers provides reliable and long-lasting results.  

Here are the following advantages of selecting ALAWAI service:

Skilled and professional

It is always advised to get the services of a company that is experienced enough, and at ALAWAI, all our employees have been working in this field for years. You can get your work done properly without facing any problems.

Quality parts

Usually, when going to fix any issue, many brands use cheap and poor-quality parts. These interior parts have a shorter life and end up costing more in the long run because you need to replace them more often. However, our team is very honest in its work and uses quality and warranty products to repair any of your issues.

Make it look its best

Usually, it is very uncommon to get your product back as it previously worked after any issue. The same is the case with fountain repair, as when you get it repaired, it mostly does not work as it used to be. However, our services can help ensure to make it looking its best after repair service. Our services will save you from any inconvenience and prevent future issues.

Contact us to get fountain repair services

If your fountain is not properly working and needs repair, contact our team who can assist you. Our employees are trained and certified professionals who have completed ASP’s nationally recognized training program. They make sure to install and repair its parts in accordance with the highest industry standards.